ANKARA - A questionnaire which has been recently conducted reveals that Turkish people`s lack of confidence in the United States still continues.

In a questionnaire conducted by the International Strategic Research Organization (ISRO), the views of the Turkish people about Middle East problems were questioned.

Totally 2500 persons in five big cities of Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Adana) answered questions of the survey conducted between March 7th-17th, 2006. The results were assessed by ISRO experts.

According to the survey, 46 percent support Iran`s having nuclear energy, while 45 percent of them oppose it. This result brings the question whether or not Turkish people understand well the distinction between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

Besides Turkish people don`t approve a military operation against Iran (94 percent) nor against Syria (95 percent).

52 percent of Turks want U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq immediately, while 22 percent want the U.S. to withdraw within one year at the latest. Only 2 percent want U.S. forces to stay in Iraq.

92 percent think that there is no positive development in Iraq after the U.S. occupation. 59 percent think that there is no distinction between Saddam Hussein regime and the U.S. administration.


When asked what the United States wants to do in Iraq, 80 percent think that the United States is after the Iraqi oil. Upon another question asking which country tried to start a civil war in Iraq, 71 percent believe that it is the United States.

``This 71 percent is very high and it indicates the U.S. image problem in Turkey. The United States is accused for almost every problem seen in Iraq and the Middle East,`` an ISRO expert said.

82 percent think that foundation of an independent Kurdish state in Iraq would not be to the interest of Turkey, besides 83 percent don`t believe that the United States would close down terrorist organization PKK`s camps in Iraq.

As to the Hamas visit to Turkey, 49 percent think it was a positive visit, while 23 percent think it was negative-- 29 percent don`t have a clear view about it.

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