ANKARA - ''A total of 86 Turkish citizens were kidnapped in Iraq. 59 of them were released. Our efforts are under way to determine the whereabouts of the remaining 24,'' said Turkish FM & Deputy PM Abdullah Gul on Monday.

In response to a question motion, which was submitted to the parliament by Ummet Kandogan of the True Path Party (DYP), Gul said, ''number of Turkish people who were killed in Iraq, exceeded 100. Nearly all of them were truck drivers. Some of them were kidnapped and massacred by insurgents while the others were killed in attacks on their vehicles.''

''Turkish Ministry of Transportation pays nearly 25 thousand USD to heirs of Turkish drivers who lose their lives in countries in which extraordinary circumstances such as war, civil war, terrorism and turmoil prevail. We provided wife and children of Murat Yuce, who was killed in Iraq two years ago, with the necessary assistance. His wife has been employed actually at a local municipality in Ankara,'' Gul added.

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