ANKARA - A new and free software period, which brings the utilization of Linux-based operating systems with open source codes instead of Microsoft's operating systems in computers, will begin in Turkish public organizations.

The first application will be performed in the Draft Department of the Ministry of National Defence where Turkey's national software 'Pardus', developed by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), will be used as the basic operating system.

Dr. Erkan Tekman from TUBITAK's Electronics and Cryptology Research Institute (UEKAE) that developed the new operating system 'Pardus', told the A.A reporter that as a part of the ''e-transformation Turkey Project'', they had been aiming at the efficient usage of information technologies by public organizations and more qualified and faster services for the citizens.

Tekman explained that in the ''Short-Term Action Plan'' and ''2005 Action Plan'' which have been developed in this context, a pilot application for the change over to an open source coded software utilization in a public organization was envisaged and their department (UEKAE) was assigned for this project.


Indicating that open source coded operating systems had many advantages compared to the closed and owned softwares, Tekman emphasized that the most important yield was ''security''.

Tekman explained that codes placed by malicious programmers or institutions could easily be determined as open source coded systems could be audited by a thousand eyes starting from the development process till the utilization phase.

Tekman also mentioned that source codes could be changed freely due to requirements and this brought flexibility to the software.

''At the moment, nearly 150 million YTL (100 million USD) is being spent for the license fees of the desktop operating systems used in public organizations. As such operating systems are mostly used for web-based applications, on the internet and office applications, it can be clearly seen that 'Pardus' does not have any deficiencies at this point," he said.

"A 10 percent usage of Pardus in public organizations will save approximately 15 million YTL (10 million USD) which is equal to 20 times of Pardus projects' annual budget. Even looking at the ASAL project, we can say that 1-2 million YTL has already been saved and the Pardus solution will be implemented with more reduced costs '', Tekman said

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