Baghdad - At least 13 people, including two senior police officers and a university professor, were killed in separate attacks across Iraq Monday.

Arabic channels were also reporting that a health official was kidnapped in Baghdad Sunday. Police confirmed Monday that a deputy to the health official was kidnapped in Azamiyah district of the city, near his house.

Another deputy survived an assassination attempt Monday, according to the sources. Gunmen had attacked the official's convoy, opening fire on him and his guards. Two of his personal guards were killed by gunfire, but the official escaped with his life.

In Baquba, 60 kilometres north of Baghdad, unknown gunmen killed a senior policeman in front of his house. In a separate incident, gunmen opened fire at another senior police officer killing him and his personal driver. Six civilians were killed in random gunfire attacks across the city.

Also in Baquba, gunmen attacked a police patrol killing a policeman and wounding three other Iraqis.

In Baghdad, unidentified militants opened fire and killed a professor in the faculty of medicine of Babel university, security sources said earlier in the day.

Professor Ali Feleeh Hassan was killed in the Mahaweel area near Babel, 100 kilometres south of Baghdad.

In another development, state minister Mohammad al-Oreibi survived an attempt on his life when a bomb targeting his convoy exploded on the highway east of Baghdad. Two of his bodyguards were wounded.

Three Iraqis were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded on the Mohammad al-Qasim highway in central Baghdad, while Iraqi official television channel al-Iraqiya announced the death and injury of numerous Iraqis in an explosion in Gameela al-Kabeer market in eastern Baghdad.

Meanwhile, a mosque in the Shiite Sadr city of Baghdad was slightly damaged in a raid, the US military said Monday.

Special Iraqi army forces with American advisors conducted a raid on the mosque in Sadr city in search for 30 members of an extremist group suspected of kidnapping, murder and torture of Iraqi civilians and soldiers. No one was arrested in the raid.

On Sunday another air supported raid in Ramadi killed two insurgents

The US military also announced that one US soldier was killed the day before due to wounds sustained during operations in Anbar province.

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