ISTANBUL - "This murder was committed against unity, peace, fraternity and efforts of democracy in Turkey," said Justice Minister Cemil Cicek on Friday.

Governor of Istanbul Muammer Guler, Interior Minister Abdulkadir Aksu, and Cicek held a meeting at the Governer`s Office in Istanbul, in regard to the assassination of Hrant Dink, editor-in-chief of bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos.

The top level officials who attended the meeting made a press conference. Minister Cicek said, "this murder was committed against unity, peace, fraternity and efforts of democracy in Turkey. We must stress the fact that Hrant Dink was chosen. We underline this."

Cicek who described the event as "a well-planned provocation" continued "this murder is meaningful in a period when the so-called genocide discussions are on the agenda." The Turkish Minister pointed out to the fact that this murder took place when the efforts for scientific work on historical facts (regarding Armenian claims) were underway.

Minister Cicek said "we will not withhold any effort to enlighten the murder."


The governor, related public prosecutors, intelligence and security units evaluated the situation and the legal investigation started immediately after the event took place, said Cicek.

Regarding the future of the investigation, Cicek told the press members that, they informed the public as much as possible from the beginning in order to prevent some people to take advantage of the grief caused by the murder. However Cicek said the investigation must be carried out in confidentiality and sensitivity for a while in order to enlighten the attack with its all aspects.

Cicek said the government concluded many investigations regarding terrorist activities in the past and they expect to get a similar result in this case too.


Abdulkadir Aksu who took the floor at the press conference said, they are considering every possibility and aspect of the event in order to prevent any kind of uncertainty or mistake.

Aksu stated that all parts of the investigation from the ballistic examination of the shells to the video records in the region are carried out carefully.

Aksu offered his condolences to the friends, journalist friends of the victim, and to the people of Turkey.

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