KIZILCAHAMAM - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday Ogun Samast, suspect of journalist Hrant Dink`s murder, was arrested in Black Sea province of Samsun.

Erdogan spoke to reporters Saturday night in Kizilcahamam town of Turkish capital Ankara, where he attends his party meeting.

Erdogan said Samast was caught with the gun he allegedly used in the murder of Dink.

"Also he had the white winter hat which he was seen wearing on surveillance cameras," said Erdogan.

Prime Minister Erdogan congratulated Turkish police for the arrest of suspect in a short time.

Erdogan said arrest of the suspect before Tuesday (Hrant Dink`s funeral day) pleased him.

"We will perpetuate our determination which we have been carrying on from the beginning," he noted.

Asked whether it was an individual action or linked to an organization, Erdogan said security forces and judiciary authorities would carry out necessary procedures.

"The important thing is the arrest of the suspect and his friends, with whom he collaborated, before the funeral of Hrant Dink on Tuesday," he added.

On another question, Erdogan said he would not be able to attend Dink`s funeral on Tuesday as Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and he would be attending scheduled inauguration of Bolu Mountain Tunnel.

Meanwhile, people who know about Ogun Samast said he did not finish his high school education, had no job and was spending most of his time at internet cafes around his neighborhood.

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