Bush Tells Of Dreaming Putin In A U.F.O.

CRAWFORD, MOSCOW - U.S. President George Walker Bush said Saturday that he had a ``subtle deja vu dream`` of Russian President Vladimir Putin emerging in front of an UFO.

Chatting with reporters in his Crawford-Texas ranch, he exuberantly narrated his nearly fourteen-second dream.

``Yeah fellas, he (Putin) was commander cosmonaut of his UFO ship. He landed in our ranch. When I was approaching to greet him in front of his Soviet-made hatch-door, I suddenly woke up. I am still so sad that I hadn`t chance to see the rest of this miraculous dream``, Bush said.

``The weirdest thing in this dream is that this was also a pure deja vu for me. But as my mind is busy with hubble-bubble in world politics, this also seemed to me a jamais vu``, Bush told reporters.

``I directly called Mr. Putin through hot-line today and spoke with him in Kremlin, he was quite surprised and thanked for it.``

Meanwhile in Kremlin, President Putin told Russian media that ``The only human being that can come out of an UFO would be President Bush and not himself.``

Refusing to elaborate further on Bush`s dream, Putin said "I`m only interested in the hard-rock group UFO`s songs.``

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