Letter From Parliamentarians Of Turkish Origin To Merkel And Steinmeier

BERLIN - A total of 20 parliamentarians & members of municipal assemblies of Turkish descent in European countries, addressed an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier, asking them that Germany --as the rotating President of the EU-- should exert a more active policy to solve Cyprus problem.

The letter recalls that Turkey had started full membership talks with the EU on October 3rd, 2005, and states that Cyprus problem is a lasting obstacle in front of Turkey.

The letter also notes that Turkish Cypriots voted `yes` for Annan Plan while Greek Cypriots rejected it, and despite this, the Greek Cypriot adminstration was included in the EU --thus Cyprus problem becomes a problem of the EU.

The letter suggests that the EU must now undertake a stronger position and support efforts of the UN regarding this issue.

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