Prehistoric Mass Grave In Antalya

ANTALYA - Turkish scientists unearthed a Bronze Age era mass grave in a cave in Mediterranean city of Antalya.

Members of Underwater Sports Club dived the Karain Cave near Antalya and found skeletons and skulls in and out of water, said Akdeniz University Rector Mustafa Akaydin.

Akaydin said it was impossible to find out how many bodies were buried in that cave since the grave was covered with calcium carbonate.

Noting that Karain region is one of the oldest settling areas in Anatolia, Akaydin said studies on the mass grave would shed light to the history of civilization.

On the other hand, Prof. Mehmet Gokoglu of Akdeniz University said the cave is very large and long and they found lots of skeletons.

"Bodies were carried to remote places of the cave. Part of the cave is under water, so, there may be hundreds or thousands of skeletons in this cave," he added.

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