Cross-border Operation Would Be Made If Necessary", Erdogan

ANKARA - "We cannot talk about launching a cross-border operation. An operation will be carried out if necessary," said Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday.

PM Erdogan answered questions regarding issues that are on the agenda of Turkey in private NTV channel.

On answering a question regarding a likely cross-border operation to northern Iraq, Erdogan said, "one does not talk about whether these kind of operations will take place or not, it would simply be carried out. There are two dimensions to it. One is military and technical, the other is political and diplomatic. Both parties would work on their parts. Then they would come together and discuss. Following that, the necessary steps would be taken rapidly."

PM Erdogan stated that high ranking officials are currently working on issues regarding fight against terrorism, including Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"We would not announce whether a cross-border operation would take place or not. We would make it if necessary," he restated, adding the timing would be determined by the authorities working on the subject.

After pointing out to troubling effects of terrorism for Turkey, PM Erdogan stated that "terrorism cannot be prevented by merely fighting it within national borders. A joint fight at the international level is necessary," he added.

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