Pegasus Has Become Biggest Private Airline Company In Turkey, Sabanci

BERLIN - Ali Sabanci, the chairman of Turkey's Pegasus Airlines, said Wednesday Pegasus became the biggest private airline company in Turkey in 2007.

"We carried 4.1 million passengers last year," he told a press conference on the sidelines of the International Travel and Tourism Bourse (ITB) that opened its doors in German capital of Berlin.

Sabanci said Pegasus became the second biggest airline company in Turkey that is making scheduled flights, following the Turkish Airlines (THY).

"Europe is an important market for us, and Pegasus will increase its low-cost flights to Europe," he told.

Sabanci said Pegasus will grow approximately 20 percent every year.

"We will carry 5 million passengers in a short time, and fly to new destinations in and out Turkey," he told.

Sabanci said Pegasus will also increase number of flights to destinations where it is actually flying.

"One can fly to several European cities from Antalya, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir with prices starting from 15 Euro in the summer of 2008," he also said.


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