Tuzmen Holds Talks With Indian Authorities To Help Turkish Construction Firms

NEW DELHI - Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen held talks with Indian authorities on Thursday to help the Turkish construction firms.

Tuzmen met T.R. Baalu, Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, on Wednesday.

Tuzmen met Kumari Selja, Minister of State for Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation, and Palaniappan Chidambaram, Minister of Finance, on Thursday.

In his meeting with Indian ministers, Tuzmen stressed the need for a free trade agreement between Turkey and India. Representatives of Turkish firms in Tuzmen`s delegation provided information on their companies to Indian ministers.

Speaking at the Turkish-Indian Business Forum, Tuzmen indicated that a free trade agreement between the two countries will increase the trade volume to 10 billion USD from the present 2.6 billion USD.

"Our countries were extremely rich 150-200 years ago. We can not wait for another 100 years to get rich again," Tuzmen noted.

Meanwhile, Ashwani Kumar, Indian State Minister in charge of Industry, said that with its population exceeding one billion people, India offers many opportunities for businessmen.

More than 100 Turkish and 250 Indian businessmen attended the Turkish-Indian Business Forum.

Following the speeches of Tuzmen and Kumar, businessmen held face to face meetings with each other.


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