Islam In Turkey Is A Role Model For Us, Spanta

ISTANBUL - Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, said Saturday that Islam in Turkey is a role model for the Afghanis.

Speaking to AA, Spanta indicated that "as Muslims, we deserve to be democratic. There is no contradiction between democracy and Islam."

Expressing that he loves Turkey and Istanbul, Spanta indicated that he speaks fluent Turkish after completing his university studies at Ankara University.

"While I was a university student, Turkey was providing scholarships to Afghani students. I was a graduate student at Ankara University`s Political Science Faculty. I had read about the Turkish history, modernization in Turkey and the impact of Turkey`s modern republic on Afghanistan. I was curious about how an Islamic nation could achieve modernization. I was curious if Turkey was successful in getting modernized. I made up my mind and decided to study in Turkey. I came to Turkey and found about the modern republic on my own," Spanta stated.

In reference to debates in Turkey on the "headscarf" issue, Dr. Spanta stressed that similar debates took place in Europe in the past.

"Discussions in Turkey on headscarf are natural. The presence or absence of democracy does not depend on a piece of cloth. Humans prefer to wear what they choose. What is important is to have democracy in public sector. We must accept that the people make up the government. Aside from this, the religious practices of individuals are based on personal preferences," Spanta noted.

"I believe that relations between Turkey and Afghanistan will continue to develop in the near future," Spanta said.

"As an individual knowing both people, I will do the best I can," Dr. Spanta also said.


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