National Tatar Holiday Sabantui To Be Celebrated In Istanbul

ISTANBUL - The national Tatar holiday "Sabantui" will be celebrated in Istanbul on May 31st.

Radik Gimatdinov, representative of autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, said in a statement on Tuesday that Deputy Prime Minister & Culture Minister Zilya Valeeva of Tatarstan was expected to attend the celebrations.

Istanbul signed a sister-city agreement with Tatar capital city of Kazan a few years ago.

The Sabantui holiday is timed to the end of the sowing campaign and symbolizes continuity of the past, the present and the future. The Sabantui combines all the features of a theatre, a stadium, and a picnic. Young and old people find entertainment at it. The sports competitions, horse races, national wresting and entertainment games impart a unique national color to the holiday.

A folk dances team will come to Istanbul to attend the celebrations.


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