Turkish Public Works & Housing Minister Meets His Iranian And Syrian Counterparts

TEHRAN - Turkish Public Works & Housing Minister Faruk Nafiz Ozak met on Wednesday with his Iranian and Syrian counterparts in Iran where he attended a conference on urbanization.

Ozak, who attended the 2nd Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development in Tehran, said that he held bilateral talks at the conference.

Ozak said he met with Iranian Minister of Housing & Development Mohammad Saidikia and Syrian Minister of Construction & Housing Hamud al-Husayn.

"Turkey and Iran are two similar countries sharing the same problems. At the meeting with Iranian minister, we discussed cooperation opportunities on urban planning, infrastructure and social housing," he said.

"Turkish construction companies will be more active in Iran`s contracting business in the coming years."

Ozak also said that Syria plans to build 1 million dwellings and asked to take advantage of Turkey`s experiences in construction works.

"We are eager to share our technology and experiences with Syria," he said.


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