Turkish Researcher Gets Environment Award From Britain

LONDON - A Turkish researcher received an environment award from Britain on Thursday.

Cagan Sekercioglu, a researcher at the U.S. Stanford University Center for Conservation Biology, was honored with "Whitley Gold Award", defined as the "environment Nobel" of Britain.

The Whitley Fund for Nature is a U.K. registered charity offering a range of awards and grants to outstanding nature conservationists around the world.

Also a tropical biologist, ecologist, ornithologist and nature photographer, Dr. Sekercioglu received the award for his studies on preservation of a lake in the east of Turkey, ecological restoration of the wetlands around the lake and improvement of nature in the region.

Sekercioglu became the first Turkish researcher who got the award. He received 60,000 pounds to finance the project for two years.

The project aims to preserve the Kuyucuk Lake in eastern province of Kars, and its surrounding. The lake is situated 1,627 meters above the sea level, surrounded by steppe, and 162 different species of birds are living around the lake today.

Studying biology and anthropology at the Harvard University, 32-year-old Sekercioglu got his PhD on biology and ecology at the Stanford University.


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