8,000-year-old Mound To Shed Light On History

ESKISEHIR - The 8,000-year-old Kanlitas Mound, one of the oldest settlements situated in central Turkey, could shed light on rural-urban transition, a professor said on Friday.

Archaeologists from Turkey`s Anadolu University started excavations last month at Kanlitas Mound located in central province of Eskisehir and unearthed Bronze Age and Copper Age objects at the site.

"We ascertained that the mound dates back to nearly 6,000 B.C.," Professor Ali Umut Turkcan told the A.A.

"The mound is on the pathway from Middle East to Europe. We understand that it was a dense settlement," Turkcan said.

"We found lots of marble bracelets at the site which proves that there was a bracelet workshop here. We believe that this place was a center of bracelet trade at that time," he said.

Turkcan said the mound was also important as it could shed light on the history of Anatolia.

"We think that Kanlitas Mound would shed light on transition from rural life to urban in western Anatolia," he added.



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