Industrialists To Benefit From Nanotech Lubricants Produced By A Turkish Company

ANKARA - Industrialists will also benefit from nanotechnology lubricants produced by a Turkish company.

The NNT Nanotechnology Boron Company of Turkey has been producing "BOR POWER", the first nanotech lubricant of the world.

In an interview with the A.A correspondent, NNT Nanotechnology Boron Products Corp Director General Mehmet Can Arvas said Bor Power products, which could be used for closed-cycle engines for 15-20 years and which remarkably decreased energy expenditures, attracted a great attention of the world.

Arvas said Bor Power GBX lubricants which have been used in the automotive sector would also benefit industrialists.

"Bor Power products have been exported to several developed countries. We are continuing to show the power of Turkish boron to the world. This extraordinary product will provide remarkable contributions to Turkish industrialists," he stated.

Bor Power GBX technology helps to achieve a significant and sustaining reduction of friction, abrasion and corrosion on working metal surfaces. Given today's ramping up energy expenditures, raw material shortage and environmental pollution, Bor Power considerably reduces costs and saves the environment.



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