Turkish Foreign Minister On Israel's Attacks Against Gaza

ANKARA - Turkish foreign minister said on Wednesday that Turkey was among the countries with the clearest stance towards Israel's recent attacks against Gaza.

In an interview with Kanal 24 TV channel, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said that the recent incidents in the Middle East might spread to the whole region.

"If there is no peace in the Middle East, nobody in the world can live peacefully," Babacan said.

Babacan also said that the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released one of the harshest statements of its history regarding the attacks on Gaza.

"We have historical responsibilities towards Palestine and we deeply understand the pain felt by Palestinians," said Babacan, stating that Turkey believed the problems would be solved through dialogue.

"If the recent incidents turn into a spiral and spread to the region, it would constitute a great risk," Babacan said.

Turkish foreign minister also said that a cease-fire should be declared and the blockade should be lifted as soon as possible.

Babacan said Turkey desired peace and stability in the Middle East, otherwise, the country would be affected by the problems in the region.

"Turkey has been the country with the strongest voice in recent days," Babacan said, calling on the international community to take action to stop the attacks.



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