For Turkey the golden ages will start


HURRIYET DAILY NEWS- Unbelievable developments are lining up. The unexpected happens all of a sudden. Since the sudden collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989, now the old rotten order in the Middle East has started to collapse. No matter what, change increases Turkey’s value and strength. A new exiting period is about to start for our country.

I am following developments in the Middle East enthusiastically.

I had the same feeling in the ’90s.

After arriving at the end of the Cold War, all of a sudden on Nov. 9, 1989, the Iron Curtain dividing Berlin into two parts collapsed.

I could not believe my eyes.

A wall creating balance in the world for 45 years and considered to be indestructible had been torn down in front of TV cameras and thousands of East Germans could pass to West Germany.

This scene was so striking that for a long time I thought I was dreaming.

At the time the unchangeable slogan in statements given by Americans and Germans in NATO headquarters in Brussels was as follows:

“Everything in the world may change but East and West Germany won’t ever be reunited again.”

But the East and West were reuniting in front of our eyes.

Frankly, it was a stand.

With a little flip, the domino effect started.

One by one, members of the Warsaw Pact quit and the European system collapsed.

Not enough and the Soviet Union scattered.

Its balance, based on thousands of nuclear weapons and a giant army, was no good. Actually, it turned out to be obvious that this system was too artificial to last for a long time.

As a matter of fact, a spark was enough to destroy everything.

A new order was established. Within this order everybody thought that Turkey would lose its strategic importance in the Cold War and the Turkish Armed Forces its effectiveness in the international equilibrium.

But the opposite came true.

Turkey’s value increased.

Even if we don’t appreciate it, Turkey’s stability, democracy and economy is regionally as well as internationally effective.

That is why I enthusiastically follow developments in the Middle East.

We’ll win again

Again I’m very exited.

Can you imagine, the rotten order in the Middle East is collapsing in front of our eyes? All dictators, one by one, are overthrown. Some are leaving, some will leave in time.

Just like it was during the Cold War, a spark was all it took. The artificial system is collapsing.

Interestingly, Washington, the creator of this system placing the dictators in place with the purpose “to look after Israel and support U.S. politics, i.e. to protect its idea of stability in the region,” is helpless and a mere spectator in view of these developments. It does not have the power to change anything.

Its former “big brother” is now only watching.

Now recalculations need to be made.

Turkey fine-tunes its attitude

In the days when protests started in Tunisia and Egypt it drew my attention that Ankara and Washington stated they adopted the same approach.

It was called: protecting stability.

That is, they didn’t emphasize democracy.

It meant that even if leaders were replaced it was not preferable to change the regime but only to protect the balance. Days went by and it became clear that Mubarak wasn’t to remain in his position and protests were not to subside anytime soon. That was when Ankara revised its attitude and put emphasis on democracy.

Today Turkey sets its priority on democracy and freedom.

All these developments should make us happy.

From now on, you’ll see Turkey’s effectiveness and value grow in the region. The number of those asking Ankara for help and support will increase further.

Maybe I keep repeating but with our existing democratic and secular system Turkey will have great possibilities.

We should just be aware of it and instead of trying to defeat one another we should strive to grow in the region.

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