Construction firms’ turnover rises to 12.8 million TL

Turkey’s top ten construction firms’s total turnover rose to 12.58 billion Turkish liras (TL) in 2009 from 11.8 billion TL in 2008 with an increase of 6.6 percent, according to a report "Turkey’s Construction Leaders 2010".

Cem Sezgin, a partner of Deloitte Construction and Real Estate, gave information about the report prepared by Deloitte and the Union of Turkish Contractors at a press conference.

"We have conducted a research with the participation of 28 companies. We held interviews with CEOs of the six biggest firms. The research revealed that total turnover of top ten construction firms rose to 12.58 billion TL in 2009 from 11.8 billion TL in 2008 with a 6.6 percent increase. Enka tops the list of ten firms with its turnover 2.9 billion TL. It is followed by Gama with its turnover of 1.73 billion TL, Tekfen with its turnover of 1.33 billion TL, Tav with its turnover of 1.2 billion TL, Yuksel with its turnover of 1.08 billion TL, Mak-Yol with its turnover of 1.08 billion TL, STFA with its turnover of 1.05 billion TL, REC-Ronesans with its turnover of 821 million TL, Dogus with its turnover of 706 million TL and Tepe with its turnover of 652 million TL," he said.

"STFA managed to increase its turnover by 70.8 percent between 2008 and 2009. Mak-Yol recorded a 50.6 percent increase and Tav saw a 38.9 percent increase in their turnovers. On the other hand, Enka saw a decrease of 19.9 percent in its turnover and Tepe’s turnover fell by 13 percent," he said.

Sezgin said that rate of unemployment fell to 96,444 in 2009 from 114,103 in 2003 with a decrease of 15 percent.

"As for employment rates Enka tops the list of companies with its 25,292 employees. It is followed by Gama with 12,602 and Tekfen with 8,606. Konteki firm recorded the highest increase by rising number of its employees to 1,265 from 405," he said.

"Participating firms are operating in 38 countries in 3 continents. 18 of them operate in Libya, 6 in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates, 5 in Oman and Qatar and 4 in Russia and Algeria. Tekfen operates in 11 countries while Yuksel and Enka works in 9 countries.

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