President Gul on EP’s report

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Friday European Parliament’s latest report on Turkey’s progress in EU process included some inaccurate assessments presumably because of lack of information.

Speaking to reporters Gul commented on the report adopted in EP, saying the report included rooted reforms fulfilled in Turkey and developments in economy, "however, besides this, the report includes some inaccurate assessments probably because lack of information," he noted.

European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the progress of Turkey with the support of a large majority of MEPs on Wednesday.

The resolution voiced concerns about the deterioration in freedom of the press in Turkey and indicated that arrest of Turkish journalists could lead to lack of confidence in judiciary, adding that such trials, on the contrary, should strengthen the democracy in the country.

Asked to comment on the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, Gul said Turkey was monitoring the developments about the earthquake.

"Japanese officials have not yet made formal statements. We hope there will not be big casualties and damages. Being a country which knows the sorrows of the disaster, we attach importance to assistance in such situations," he noted.

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