The world has to determine a common attitude for societies wishing for change

ISTANBUL - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday that the world had to determine a common attitude for the societies wishing for change.

Delivering the opening remarks of the "Leaders of Change Summit" taking place at the Istanbul Congress Center, Erdogan said that the leaders of the world were in a position to change the world together through compromise, tolerance based on sharing and solidarity.

We have witnessed in the past that interventions from the outside, and especially military methods, did not solve any problems and instead made the situation worse, Erdogan said.

Accordingly, a possible NATO intervention in Libya or in any other country would be useless and could lead to very dangerous consequences, Erdogan stressed.

Everybody must do whatever is possible so that violence in Libya ends. However, we must let the people of Libya shape their own future, Erdogan said.

As Turkey, we are closely monitoring the situation in the region. We are not interfering in domestic issues of any country but rather are making advices based on our experiences, Erdogan said.

As Turkey, we are making efforts for both regional and global peace, justice, international laws, welfare and stability. The Alliance of Civilizations Project, which we co-chair with Spain, is crucial to do away with pre-conceived notions among civilizations. This project, coupled with Turkey’s membership in the European Union (EU), constitute an important process for civilizations to understand each other, Erdogan said.

Erdogan underlined that terror was the most important obstacle to change in the world.

Terror has become a global threat. I must sadly state that the world acted too late in formulating a common stance against terror, Erdogan said.

The whole world today is witnessing historic events. The leaders of the world have great responsibility so that change takes place under the supremacy of democracy, human rights and laws, Erdogan said.

I hope that this Summit taking place in Istanbul will generate results that would inspire change globally and primarily in the Balkans, Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, Erdogan also said.

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