Number of Syrian-capital companies up 218 pct

Reporting by Fatma Metin Gunaydin

ISTANBUL - The number of Syrian-capital companies which have been set up in Istanbul increased 218 percent while many Syrians escaped from the violence in their country and crossed in Turkey recently.

The number of Syrian-capital companies, which have been registered at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), rose 218 percent in the first seven months of 2012 when compared to the same period of 2011.

Consultancy services is the most preferred sector by Syrian-capital companies, followed by tourism-hotel-accommodation sector as well as chemistry-plastics-rubber sector, and transportation, textiles, food-agriculture, and construction sectors.

Total capital of the Syrian-capital companies which have been registered at ITO in the first seven months is 6.2 million Turkish lira.

Syrian businessman Gazi Misirli told AA that Syrian citizens, who had money, rented houses in Turkey instead of crossing in as refugees. He added that Syrian citizens, who were businessmen or merchants, began to set up companies in Turkey.

"It is very easy for a foreigner to establish a company in Turkey. It takes only a day. And, on the second day you can have your commercial registration number," he said.

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