Gul: “Thankfully I am extremelly well”

Turkish President Abdullah Gul expressed his gratitude yesterday to all the people who have made a contribution to his treatment, a day after he is discharged from hospital where he has been receiving treatment over the past nine days for an ear infection.

Gul sent his message through his tweet account. “Last evening, the part of my treatment that needed to be conducted at hospital ended and I returned home. Thankfully, I’m extremely well,” Gul said. “I thank the entire staff, and Murat Tuncer, the rector of the Hacettepe University Hospital who took all kinds of precautions for having my treatment process conducted in the best way, he said, while also thanking his former doctors who organized his treatment. I, once more, wish health and welfare to my citizens who have been on my side with their love and prayers and thank everybody. Gul will be ready to resume” Gul added.

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