Turkish villagers hear sounds of clashes in Latakia and Idlib

HATAY - Turkish villagers in Yayladagi town of the southern province of Hatay heard the sounds of clashes in Syria’s Latakia and Idlib cities on Tuesday.

The sounds of clashes in Latakia and Idlib got too high on Monday night. The Syrian army bombed regions in Latakia and the sounds of bombs could be heard in Yayladagi town.

The villages of Gorentas and Guvecci in Yayladagi could hear the sounds of clashes between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian army in Idlib. The sounds of bombs got mixed with the sounds of clashes. During six hours of clashes, a bomb that exploded was recorded by the AA.

A group of Guvecci village residents said that they talked with relatives in Syria by phone and that clashes erupted in Idlib after a certain number of Syrian troops defected and joined the opposition.

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