Turkey becomes the centre of marrow transplants

Reporting by Mustafa Ciftci

DENIZLI - Chairman of Foundation of Geriatric Haematology and Lecturer at the University of Ankara’s Department of Haematology, Prof Dr. Osman Ilhan, has said that patients from neighbouring countries prefer to come to Turkey because Turkey has been successful at the marrow transplants.

Dr Ilhan told AA on Tuesday that Turkey has been successful lately over the field of health and stated that the bone marrow transplant is one of the developing areas in the Turkish health sector.

Ilhan stressed that the number of people who demand the marrow transplant and the quality of the operations had grown and said, "In 2003, the number of marrow transplant operations was 300 however it has reached three thousand now. Not just the number of operations, also the quality of it have grown as well. Turkish haematology’s marrow transplant operations and the stem cell transplantations reached the international levels. Patients from Iraq, Iran, Romania and Bulgaria come to Turkey for the transplantation. They prefer to come to Turkey as the cost of operations is lower and Turkish doctors achieve successful results."

Professor Ilhan added, "Also units of the marrow transplants at the private hospitals in Turkey have achieved remarkable successes. That is why we became an international player in the health industry. We also would like to achieve the same success over treatments of the cancer of glands and leukaemia."

Ilhan stated that they are also treating local patients as well as patients who come from abroad.

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