Yildirim: YouTube to pay Turkish taxes

Speaking on a decision made by the video-sharing website YouTube to operate under a Turkish web domain, Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said yesterday in a conference that finally the website decided to be resident in Turkey, which brings more Turkish content and requires the firm to pay Turkish taxes.

"It will now be in a binding and critical position to implement court decisions and remove any objectionable publications. Furthermore, it will also pay taxes on its operations," Yildirim added. Touching on the Turkey’s high-speed train (YHT), Yildirim said that the YHT was praised in a series of events ranging from the World Congress on High Speed Rail in the US to the fairs organized in Europe.

Stating that the Turkish people are proud of enjoying a better technology, comfort and speed than those of other countries, Yildirim said that according to latest polls, 80 percent of Turkish people are in favor of continuation of such rail lines.

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