Defense minister rejects claims of Al Arabiya on downed jet

Minister of National Defense Ismet Yilmaz rejected the claims made by the Al Arabiya television channel on the Turkish jet which has been downed by Syria.

Yilmaz told a press conference yesterday that the claims were not correct by no means and the information Turkish authorities provided were accurate and far from contradiction.

Yilmaz added that there had been a disinformation on the issue. Responding a question on lack of a correction brief, Yilmaz said that even a correction brief would hurt some people.

Yilmaz said that the authorities would give incomplete information but would never give false information. He said that all the information given by the General Staff and Foreign Ministry were correct and consistent, adding that necessary explanations would be done when needed.

On a question whether a new investigation would be launched on the issue, Yilmaz said that the Foreign Ministry was investigating the claims.

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