Dicle University to offer master’s degree in Kurdish

Dicle University in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır is preparing to introduce a Kurdish teaching non-thesis master’s degree program.

After elective courses in learning the Kurdish language were made possible by a recent education reform, popularly known as 4+4+4, several southeastern and eastern universities established departments to train teachers for the courses, as there are an insufficient number of Kurdish language teachers in Turkey.

Mardin Artuklu University, Bingol University and Mus Alparslan University have introduced non-thesis master’s degree programs to address this problem, with Dicle University soon to follow.

Dicle University Secretary-General Professor Sabri Eyigun, speaking to Today’s Zaman, said the university had started to work towards the establishment of a graduate program in Kurdish. “We applied to the Higher Education Board [YOK] to establish the department, which will offer master’s degree education in both the Kurmanji and Zazaki Kurdish dialects to 400 students.” Eyigun later stated that YÖK had accepted the university’s request, approving a quota of 150 students. Eyigun also stated that the university would be able to implement the program as soon as the planned entrance examinations for applicants are conducted, as the university already has the necessary infrastructure. “As our university offered some Kurdish teaching courses before, we have sufficient experience in teaching Kurdish. We plan to release all the details about the examinations that will be held to choose students for the program in the coming days on the university’s official website,” Eyigun noted.

Dicle University also announced that it would offer elective Kurdish courses to students in its faculty of medicine to teach prospective medical doctors the Kurdish language, with the intention of addressing communication problems between Kurdish people and doctors in the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey.

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