US condemns Syria mortar strike in Turkey, Clinton is “outraged”

Spokesperson for the US Department of State Victoria Nuland has condemned the incident in which five people were killed and at least 13 others wounded by Syrian artillery shells that landed in the southeastern town of Akcakale in Turkey.

Speaking to reporters, Nuland said, "We are offering our true-hearted condolences to those families and we strongly condemned the incident that is frankly a breach of Turkish sovereignty."

For her part, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed outrage on the issue, saying that Washington will discuss with Ankara on what the next steps should be.

"We have been feeling anger from the fires behind the borders by Syrian regime. We are very regretful about the loss of life that has occurred on the Turkish side. We are working together with Turkish friends," Clinton said, defining the spread of violence beyond Syria’s borders "a very, very dangerous situation."

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