Reis Celik wins the grand prize in Brussels

"Silence Night", screenplay and directed by Reis Celik was the owner of the Brussels International Independent Film Festival grand prize.

"Silence Night" (Lal Gece) chosen as the best film at the festival. Reis Celik also won the best director award. The film is about the first night of an arranged marriage between a 14-year-old bride and a man recently released from prison after serving a sentence for two honour killings which is based on a true story.

Film’s leading players in the role of the 62-year-old groom and 14-year-old child bride are Ilyas Salman and Dilan Aksut.

Participated in various international film festivals before, "Lal Gece" won the Crystal Bear award for the best actress and best actor in 62nd Berlin Film Festival.

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