Turkish cinema night at the Frankfurt Film Festival

The 12th Frankfurt Film Festival, a platform for Turkish films in Germany’s financial capital has begun yesterday.

The festival held its gala opening on November 11 with the participation of a wide range of Turkish cinema stars, including Emel Sayin, Aysen Gruda, Halit Akcatepe, Ali Sunal, Demet Akbag, Aytac Arman, Izzet Gunay, Tolga Cevik and Selcuk Yontem. At the gala Mujde Ar and Aytac Arman have received honorary awards. “In order to provide a platform for Turkish movies, we started this festival 12 years ago,” festival committee head Huseyin Sitki said at the press conference.

A total of 30 films will be screened at this year’s festival, which runs until November 18, as well as special events like a music night featuring scores from Turkish films that is being held tonight.

The festival will also feature films from German and other European producers in addition to Turkish films.

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