Turkish Parliament closely following neo-Nazi murders in Germany

Sebastian Edathy, Chairman of the German parliamentary commission established to investigate the recent neo-Nazi murders in Germany, arrived in Ankara on Monday to report on the investigation’s progress to members of the Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Investigation Commission, but there are still misgivings in Turkey that it is being conducted properly.

Noting that there are indications that some members of the police force and of German intelligence failed to do their jobs to prevent murders, “Germany should take the necessary measures so that such incidents do not happen again,” Nevzat Pakdil, a member of the Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Investigation Commission, has said.

According to Pakdil, Germany should stop discrimination against Turks, which fosters racist feelings against foreigners. Edathy is believed to be making sincere efforts to get this issue resolved and to help Germany overcome the problem of neo-Nazi gangs. He will also discuss how Turkey and Germany can cooperate to combat racist attacks against Turkish citizens in Germany on Tuesday with Turkish deputies in Parliament.

Turkish parliamentarians may also pay a visit to Germany next year in order to follow up on the investigation and neo-Nazi murder trial. “This would send the message that the Turkish Parliament is following the issue closely,” said Tunca Toskay, who was among a group of Turkish members of parliament who visited German authorities in May this year about the killings.

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