British Chief of Staff: We can deploy British troops to the Syrian border if crisis deepens

Britain has focused on the prevention of the Syrian war from spreading to Jordan, Lebanon and particularly to NATO member Turkey and Britain’s Chief of Staff General David Richards said Britain may deploy British troops to the Syria border if the crisis deepens.

Richards who stated that they are continuously reviewing the contingency plans also added that if British troops to be deployed, this would be “limited” and “depend on the support of people of the region”. He also emphasized that before launching such a big operation there is a need to be very cautious and careful. Britain’s most senior general told a BBC interview that the UK is considering contingency plans to take a full-blown military action against Syria instead of trying to organize the country’s rebel groups.

“The situation this winter I think may deteriorate and may well provoke calls to intervene in a limited way,” General Richards told. “It’s my job, among other people in my sort of position, to make sure these options are continually brushed over to make sure we can deliver them,” he continued. General Richards added that there could be British troops posted in countries neighboring Syria. “They’re allies of ours - we have small numbers of people routinely deployed there, and in the meanwhile we’re preparing plans to make sure that when some disaster happens, we’re able to deal with it.”

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