FM Davutoglu: New Syrian opposition meeting has historical significance

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Syrian Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces was representing whole Syria.

Syrian Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces is a new leadership which the Syrian opposition groups agreed to unite around during a meeting on Sunday in Doha.

hrough this agreement, an opposition which represents the whole Syria, was created and this agreement has a historical significance said Davutoglu, adding that Syrian National Council had great contributions in Syrian revolution, and Turkey had always supported the restructuring of the Council. Davutoglu said the formation of the National Coalition meant that the opposition was no longer divided.

Davutoglu, who attended to the meeting, congratulated the chairman of the coalition Ahmed Muazal-Khatib and stated that Assad regime would fall soon. “No regime could survive fighting against its people. Turkey will always stand by Syrian people,” he said.

Opposition thanked Turkey for its support.

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