Bagis slams Greek Cypriot ambassador to Ireland in Dublin

Turkey’s EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis yesterday made a speech on the new difficulties faced by Europe and Turkey at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in Dublin, Ireland.

In his speech, Bagis said that Ireland’s EU term presidency to start as of January 1, 2013 would be a historical turning point in regard to Turkey’s relations with the EU.

During a question and answer session following his speech, Greek Cypriot Ambassador to Ireland Michalis Stavrinos told Bagis that Turkey should implement the Ankara Agreement and its Additional Protocol. Bagis responded by asking Stavrinos which part of Cyprus he was from.

Bagis then reiterated that Turkish Cypriots voted in favor of a UN plan to reunite the island in 2004, while Greek Cypriots had rejected it. “Take good note of what I said and convey it to your government. You have to honor your commitments first. Tell your government to quit its silly policies,” Bagis said.

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