Rahmon received by Gul at Presidential Palace

President Abdullah Gul yesterday received President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in an official ceremony at the Cankaya Presidential Palace, where the two leaders held a joint press conference after the bilateral and delegational talks.

Reiterating that during the talks they conducted, they discussed Turkish-Tajik bilateral relations and other issues concerning the security in Central Asia, Gul said that Turkey placed great importance upon the stability, security and economic development of Tajikistan and there were many areas like the energy sector in which both countries can establish further cooperation.

For his part, Rahmon underscored that they were open to new cooperation with Turkey in those areas above stated and indicated the necessity for them to augment the existing economic relations they are enjoying in agriculture as well. Rahmon also offered his thanks to President Gul for his warm welcome.

As part of Rahmon’s official visit, nine agreements amounting to $500 million in fields of banking, finance, agricultural cooperation, economy, energy, mining, cultural exchange, as well as radio and television were signed between the two countries at the Presidential Palace.

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