Year’s writers, thinkers launched

The Writers Union of Turkey (TYB) has chosen its “2012 writers, thinkers and artists.”

TYB president Ibrahim Ulvi Yavuz said the evaluation was made objectively with input from several professionals from the world of philosophy, art and literature.

Yavuz said interest in books and literature is decreasing each day and these awards may increase interest in this very important field. “Akif Hasan Kaya has won the award with his book “Islak Kibritler” (Wet Matches) in the short story category and Mustafa Aydogan with his book of poems, “Bugun Konustuklarimiz” (What we talked about today),” Yavuz announced. Isik Yener received the award for his novel “Tasra Sairi” (Poet of the County) and Necmettin Evci and Fırat Mollaer received awards in the category of literary criticism.

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