Tvircun: BSEC-EU interaction revitalized during Turkey chairmanship

Since assuming the six-month term chairmanship of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) in 2012, Turkey worked to rejuvenated interaction between the BSEC and the European Union and has further achieved many successful economic objectives, BSEC Permanent International Secretariat Secretary-General Victor Tvircun has stated.

Evaluating Turkey’s accomplishments during its term, Tvircun said Turkey’s action plan has played a key role in drawing the EU and the organization closer and had ensured the implementation of the new BSEC economic agenda, which was released at the 20th anniversary summit of the organization held in Istanbul on June 26.

This action plan prioritized areas such as transport, intra-regional trade and investments, sustainable energy, combating organized crime, education and involvement in youth and civil society, science and technology, taxation, culture and tourism. “The Turkish chairmanship was also marked by a revitalization of BSEC-EU interaction,” Tvircun said, referring to a joint meeting of the two organizations last December in Brussels. A number of BSEC meetings were held during the term presidency of Turkey. The first BSEC Tax Forum was organized last November in Antalya, bringing together finance ministers, senior decision makers in tax policy and administration, tax experts and academia from the member states. A meeting of ministers of the interior in Istanbul and a meeting of ministers of transport in Izmir were important events during Turkey’s chairmanship. Both meetings concluded by adopting joint declarations.

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