Turkey ex-top general summoned for testimony in coup probe

A former top general in Turkey was expected to be summoned later on Thursday for testimony in a probe over what has come to be dubbed as "post-modern coup," a military campaign that eventually forced an elected government in the country to resign in 1997.

A chief prosecutor in the Turkish capital, Ankara, is expected to interrogate Ismail Hakki Karadayi, the then chief of the Turkish General Staff, in an ongoing probe into "the post-modern coup of the February 28 process," a popular reference to the military intervention that forced late Necmettin Erbakan to resign as PM after serving only a year in office.

The intervention took its name from the February 28, 1997 meeting of the National Security Council (MGK), Turkey’s top national security body comprised of government officials and top force commanders, which reportedly told the government "not to stray from the path of democracy and official secularism" and forced Erbakan to approve and implement a package of measures in a crackdown on his own popular support base.

In his remarks to an investigation panel with the Turkish parliament last June, Karadayi has rejected that the February 28 meeting of the MGK was a military coup, denying any involvement or knowledge in the months-long controversial campaign that led to resignation of Erbakan in June 1997.

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