Orthodox’ Christmas

Turkey’s Minister for European Union (EU) Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis has wished merry Christmas Day.

According to a statement released by Ministry for EU Affairs, the Minister Bagis relayed a message for Orthodox Christmas and said, "Celebration of Christmas excitedly by Christians in Turkey is an indicator of the strong ties of fraternity on Turkish territory."

In the message Bagis said, "We have been working on to strengthen this fraternity and Turkey’s unity and solidarity for the last 10 years. The reforms which are made during Turkey’s European Union process are the concrete appearance of it. Improving conditions for different religions in Turkey is an aim for our government."

Expressing that they would continue to be up against the Greek Cypriot administration which are not only blocking Turkey’s accession to the union via distorted policies, but also prevent the EU’s benefits, "On this opportunity, I also wish Orthodox community a happy Christmas Day who live in Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus," he said.

The Russian, Jerusalem, Serbian and Georgian Orthodox churches, some Protestants celebrate Christmas on January 7 in line with the Julian calendar, while Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans and some Orthodox churches celebrate the feast on December 25.

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