Gul presented water, earth and flag from Canakkale

President Abdullah Gul on Monday received Acting Director General of Sports Mehmet Baykan and his accompanying delegation at the Cankaya Presidential Palace, where he was as presented the water, earth and flag from Canakkale on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the Canakkale Victory and Martyrs’ Day.

Reiterating the importance of remembering the Canakkale Victory during which the Turkish army displayed great audacity against those of the then strongest countries,” Gul pointed out that the Canakkale Victory is uniquely significant in the Turkish history in the sense that the most important human resources of the Ottoman Empire were martyred during the Canakkale War. “We fought against the biggest armies of the world. Had it not been for the Canakkale Victory, I don’t know how greatly history might have changed, but this victory certainly saved Istanbul.”

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