Gul: Kurdish people do not have a negative attitude against Turkish flag

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has criticized the absence of Turkish flag in the Nowruz celebrations in Turkey's southeastern province of Diyarbakir.

Gul, before receiving Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Alireza Bikdeli, responded to the questions of journalists.

Upon a question about the Nowruz celebrations, Gul said Kurdish issue was the most important one in the history of the Republic of Turkey adding that solving the issue would clear the way for Turkey to go forward. Turkey, therefore, must increase democracy and law standards, universal democracy must be a criterion, said Gul.

''This is the flag for which we all sacrifice our lives when needed. Therefore I do not think that any Kurdish people would have a negative attitude against the Turkish flag. The absence of Turkish flag is a big mistake,'' Gul said.

''I hope this process would lead to the start of a new period reinforcing the brotherhood, which shows signs of weakening from time to time, between the Turks and Kurdish people and everyone will live in peace and tranquility in Turkey where there is prosperity,'' he added.

Gul reiterated his belief that commonsense would prevail one day and violence would not take anyone to anywhere.

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