G8 protesters carry a fabric banner depicting Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

LONDON - G8 protesters in London carried a fabric banner depicting Israeli airstrikes on Gaza during G8 summit demonstration.

57 demonstrators who had been arrested by British riot police Tuesday during a G8 demonstration in London are still under interrogation in London.

During anti-G8 summit protests in London, demonstrators carried a fabric banner depicting Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

The protests are expected to continue at least for a week.

Protestors had also occupied a building on Tuesday in the entertainment district of Soho, and clashes between the police and the demonstrators were reported at the Piccadilly Circus.

An anti-capitalist protest continued Wednesday outside the headquarters of BAE Systems, a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company.

The G8 summit will take place on June 17-18 at a golf resort in Northern Ireland.

The G8 is a forum for the governments of the world's eight wealthiest countries, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Great Britain and the United States.

Fake Twitter accounts used to slander on Turkey : Turkey's EU Minister

Bagis said on Wednesday hundreds of fake Twitter accounts were used to create tension in Turkey at Taksim Gezi Park protests.

Speaking at a press conference held in Paris where he has gone for the presentations of EXPO 2020 candidate cities, Bagis said similar protests to Taksim Gezi Park demonstrations were held in many EU member states adding the protests were used against Turkey.

Upon the question if the protests would affect Turkey's EU membership, Bagis said it was a technical process and there had been similar images in London but London's EU membership had not been suspended.

"If some misinterpret Turkey's EU membership then they will damage Europe," added Bagis.

Bagis also called on the protesters saying "My well intentioned brothers go home and get on with your work. We are already assessing the necessary messages. There are opposition parties in the Turkish parliament to bring such issues into question. There are different messages from various segments of the society. Let's not damage our country by creating tension."

Referring to Turkey's EU membership, Bagis said 50 percent of Turkish people said "yes" to Turkey's EU membership according to surveys while when they were asked if Turkey would enter the EU the number of people who said "yes" decreased to 30 percent.

Bagis also said Russia, Brazil and Dubai referred to Izmir as their biggest rival for EXPO 2020.

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