"Forthcoming elections may affect Germany's policies"

"Like Merkel said 'Turkey and Germany are two allied countries, we may not agree on all issues,'" said Bagis

ISTANBUL - Turkish Minister of European Union and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis said the forthcoming elections might affect Germany's polices related to the latest tension between Turkey and Germany due to opening of a new chapter.

Issuing a press statement at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), Bagis said "Interfering in the internal affairs of Germany is not in our line. The voters go to the polls, vote in the framework of their preferences" by adding:

"What matters for us is like Merkel said yesterday that Turkey and Germany are two allied countries, we may not agree on all issues.'"

Pointing out that 22nd Chapter was opened due to the diplomatic maneuvers of Turkey with Germany, Bagis stated "We are the chief negotiator of Turkey, not of Europe."

"Our diplomatic maneuvers with Germany was declared after the 22nd chapter was opened. Our priority is Turkey's interests."

Turkey began EU accession negotiations back in 2005. It has not had much progress largely because of French and German resistance and Turkey's tensions with Cyprus.

22nd Chapter, Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments, is mainly about reducing socio-economic disparities between the regions.

Coordination of Structural Instruments covers establishment of institutional and administrative structures and implementation of general regulations and specific regulations related to each Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund which are the financial instruments of EU.

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