Turkey Calls For Bosnian Protesters To Avoid Violence

Ankara - Turkey's Foreign Ministry has called for Bosnian protesters to refrain from the violent riots that rocked the country last week, saying that it is watching events in Bosnia with sorrow.

The ministry said in a statement Monday that it has respect for "the Bosnian brothers'" right to peaceful demonstration as a response to their problems and demands, but said that it was necessary for protesters "to remain within the boundaries of law and avoid violence."

A series of protests began in the northern town of Tuzla last week by disgruntled public workers who claim they have been deprived of their social rights and benefits.

The protests, which spread to other cities, including the capital Sarajevo, have been dubbed the "Bosnian Spring" by local media.

The ministry also said that Turkey felt great sorrow for the damage to the Bosnian archives.

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