Turkey to be more transparent, accountable: Turkish Finance Minister

"It is very clear that we will appear before our nation with much stronger reforms," Simsek says.

ANKARA - Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek announced on Wednesday that the government is determined to make new reforms to deal with corruption, and defining recent developments as an opportunity to make Turkey more transparent and more accountable.

"Especially in efforts against corruption it is very clear that we will appear before our nation with much stronger reforms," Simsek told a symposium in Ankara, the Turkish capital.

Also depicting Turkey as fighting against `some illegal structures located within government`, he urged not to understand the efforts of Turkey`s intent of controlling such structures as a retreat from the rule of law.

"If we analyze it as retreat from the rule of law we will became unjust."

The mid-December anti-graft investigation allegedly orchestrated by a "parallel state" caused controversy after it led to high-profile arrests.

The government said the probe was a `dirty plot` against it, constructed by a `state within the state` nestled within the judiciary and police.

In terms of macro economy, stressing his strong optimism, Simsek said that they expect some slowdown in domestic demand and a very strong narrowing in current account deficit, due to precautions taken recently to limit domestic demand.

"We have room for maneuver and a very strong hand. There will be very strong recovery in current account deficit. Risk perception of Turkey will get better. In the first half of the year a temporary increase in inflation occurs but in the second half of 2014 and especially in the first half of 2015 it will decrease to aimed 5 percent levels."

Simsek also emphasized that the foundation of Turkey is strong and political stability is not in danger .

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