Venezuela Facing Fascist Coup Attempt: Ambassador

Ankara - Venezuela is facing a fascist coup attempt, according to Venezuelan ambassador to Turkey.

"Having already being backed by the U.S., fascism is attacking Venezuela again with the support of Colombia's ex-President Alvaro Uribe Velez and Latin American rightist groups," Jose Gregorio Bracho Reyes told a press meeting in his office in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday on the recent anti-government protests in Caracas.

Reyes added: "The ones, who used the term 'Arab Spring', now want to enable the 'Soft Coup Strategy."

Reyes blamed fascism for provoking the students' uprising, saying that "the kids are being pulled into dirty plans of Latin American extreme-rightist groups."

"Nobody was detained for participating in the protests; it was for carrying firearms and showing behaviors of vandalism."

Reyes said that recent pictures depicted in the media showing the protests are manipulated. "The photos are from different parts of the world like Spain, Egypt, Syria and Greece. These are not photos of the protests".

Three people have died and 23 others injured since the recent round of protests in Venezuela last week.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, who was elected last April, has come under criticism for his policy's high inflation rates and increasing violence.

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