Turkey's speaker urges for solution in Palestine

TEHRAN, Iran - Turkey`s Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek has called for an immediate permanent solution for dispute over Palestine and the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Cicek delivered a speech at the 9th Session of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday and said a temporary fix may cause new disputes in Palestine.

"Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine. Borders prior to 1967 should be re-considered and the independence of Palestine should be recognized by everyone," said Cicek, adding solutions apart from these ones cannot be permanent.

"Israel`s implementations that are contrary to international law, and its sincerity to the peace process should be questioned also," Cicek stated.

"Turkey attributes great importance to a solution for this dispute and supports all efforts with this aim", he said.

Cicek also said Turkey supports Palestine politically and economically and provides humanitarian aid, adding "It is a common responsibility to assist the righteous case of Palestinians," and commented that it is the only way to empower solidarity and coordination between the two nations.

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